Microwave motion detection system

Motion detection systems are nothing new. There are a lot of sensors and products out there that will allow the detection of movement. Unfortunately most of these products need a line of sight to work. However microwave sensors that work in the 10 Ghz frequency are now available in the market that can sense movements even behind walls or other obstructions. Currently Icarus Labs is working on an implementation of the sensor for tactical and rescue scenarios. An integrated solution is being built that will have the sensor, a battery pack,a radio, an output display and a microcontroller for controlling all of the above. For prototyping purposes, an AVR microcontroller is being used. One of the scenarios in which we hope the system will be useful is in rescue operations.
Firefighters or other rescuers can use the sensor to detect if there is movement below the rubble.
Another use case is tactical situations in which law enforcement officials need to know if there is anybody on the opposite side of a wall or door. The small form factor along with the radio ensures that this can even be operated remotely. As of now, a working prototype has been made and is being tested out against a variety of environments. A simple version can be built for as low as Rs.5000.

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